There were 9 people in attendance for the presentation and 5-6 for the demo.

Most of the people at the presentation had at least 20 years of experience in  Wildland firefighting, either with DND or with NB DNR.

All in all, there was positive feedback on the MARK-3® WATSON edition, everybody agreed that all the new attributes are very welcomed, anything that will make the pump safer, lighter easier to start is a a great improvement.

When heard about the foot hold one fellow said great idea, right now with the current MARK-3®  it’s hard to keep it stable.

Interesting fact about Gagetown is that they are the only base in Canada to have their own Forestry division because of the large land they look after, 4000 square miles of bush land.

Most other larger bases have some forestry equipment but run a base fire Hall with larger apparatus.

They also showed us their older trucks that had an older BB-4 high-pressure pump from WAJAX Pacific Fire Equipment (1980) and were also equipped with our previous Wildfire OT-4NX backpack hand pumps.