Our engineering team has spent more than 5 years conceiving, designing, developing and testing (and testing again) the evolution of the iconic pump: the MARK-3® Watson Edition.

The main goal was to create a next-generation portable lightweight pump that would match the MARK-3® in terms of performance and reliability but would also be significantly lighter. This was a challenge because the MARK-3® pump was already recognized as the benchmark in terms of power-to-weight ratio. We were tasked with making it even smaller and lighter but moving as much water with as much pressure. To reach our goal we had to start from a clean slate and use the latest technologies to design a cutting-edge 4-stage centrifugal pump end and to develop the first ever purpose-built 140cc 2-stroke engine, resulting in an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio.

This was achieved by listening to our customers over the years and by translating their unmet needs into product requirements. We assembled a team of experts in the fields of hydraulic design, combustion engines, computational fluid dynamics, composite materials and industrial design to deliver that vision.

The fact that the MARK-3® Watson Edition is poised to have a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of wildland firefighters around the world is what we’re most proud of.