We’re wrapping up the WATSON Tour 1 with our very last stop, at the most eastern point of our itinerary. What an incredible adventure it’s been!

We were hosted by the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources at the Forest Fire Protection Centre in Gander, Newfoundland. Fifteen people—from a variety of backgrounds, including management, mechanics and operations—took part. After the classroom presentation anticipation for the actual demo was high—our hosts were curious to see the WATSON in action!

Given the chance to get their hands on the new MARK-3® WATSON Edition demo, everyone was impressed, finding it “a lot easier to haul over.” Participants agreed that “it’s a beefed-up MARK-26” and that the MARK-3® WATSON has “a lot of really nice features.”

Less weight, more comfort

Our hosts were enthusiastic about the WATSON pump’s reduction in weight and the integrated carriage system. They appreciated the carry-frame design and the unit’s different handles. One participant remarked that “it’s unbelievable, the composite frame isn’t going to hurt your back as much.”

In designing the MARK-3® WATSON edition, the goal of combining a new frame with the built-in backpack straps was to help firefighters when they need to move across difficult terrain. Our host firefighters in Gander appreciated the improvement, telling us “I like it, it’s really comfortable on your back” and that “I’m really impressed by the belt. I can’t get over it!”

Heading back home

Thanks for following along during our amazingly productive Canadian WATSON Tour 1. We’ve met great people from all across Canada and want to thank everyone we met for taking the time to demo the MARK-3® WATSON pump. It’s been a privilege for us, the WATERAX team, to meet up with so many firefighters and stakeholders from all around our country and get such valuable feedback on the WATSON. Thanks again … and stay tuned!