WATERAX was excited to get the opportunity to head back to Fredericton and spend time with everyone at the Maritime College of Forest Technology. What’s more, it was Zach, Alex and their 4-legged buddy Cooper’s first time on the road together!

It was a privilege to showcase the MARK-3® Watson Edition to up and coming forestry recruits as well as seasoned firefighters. We had a truly dynamic day demoing to a group of people who had a very wide range of knowledge and experience with the MARK-3®.

The purpose of the Wildfire Lab was to familiarize the upcoming generation (as well as the seasoned pros present) with the next-generation pump, to help them gain an understanding of how to set up an individual MARK-3® and, in tandem, set up basic hose lays and strangling to advance the hose lay. In total, there were about 60 students taking part, divided in 8 groups. And everyone present had the opportunity to handle and start the MARK-3® Watson Edition.

Feedback on the MARK-3® Watson Edition was positive, including the following testimonials:

  • "It feels like my school bag!"
  • "It’s easier than my lawn mower!"
  • "That’s a heck of a lot lighter!"
  • "I really like that handle on top"
  • "I like the coupling system a lot more" (pump-to-engine)

The MARK-3® Watson Edition wasn’t the only hit. People were impressed with Cooper, who was at his first demo. Students said that Cooper:

  • "Made my day so much better"
  • "Must be great for the marketing campaign, everyone likes dogs!"
  • "Was the highlight of my day!"

Paul, the wildfire instructor from MCFT who took part in the demo thanked the WATERAX team for our time and effort with the college’s students. He also let us know that for most students, learning about the MARK-3® had been a steep learning curve and that adding the MARK-3® Watson Edition into the mix had made the day even more stimulating! Paul felt that even though the students were new to the program, it was important for them to see the future of wildland firefighting (and handle the technology that they will work with), while also becoming familiar with existing technology.

Thanks to everyone at The Maritime College of Forest Technology for the great day we spent together!