We’ve successfully completed day seven of the WATSON tour in Whitehorse, YT, gathering key feedback on our new fire pump from coast to coast!

Our product specialist Mario Janson gave a remarkable presentation showcasing the pump’s new features, and was eager to answer every question from attendees.

Due to a local fire incident, wildland firefighters were not able to attend the presentation. However, senior operations staff and mechanical warehouse personnel were present, providing a fresh perspective and insightful feedback on how the MARK-3® WATSON pump would operate in the field.

Team comments and feedback

Positive reactions and new input were made on the pump’s latest enhancements. The Whitehorse team was delighted to witness such an innovative WATERAX product, and were happy to be included in the initial testing and rolling out stage.

The first comments were centered around its manageable size and weight. The staff was surprised to see that a pump as powerful as this that could fit in a lightweight, 42-pound frame. “The pump looks great, and we assume it will surpass the reliability and durability of the existing MARK-3®.”

Overall the team was very impressed; “The engine is not loud and looks great - it’s user-friendly and up to par with the latest technology.” For instance, they enjoyed the pump’s anti-vibration mounts, claiming they would limit any excessive shaking when operating in the field.

The Whitehorse team hopes to have the MARK-3® WATSON Edition pump in each of their six areas within the Yukon - including others in the provincial depot - and would expect them to be the initial testing units in the next year. They look forward to a new pump with a modern, reliable and intuitive interface, and hope to be able to extract data from for their maintenance and troubleshooting.

Next up, the WATERAX team continues their journey to Fort Smith, NWT, for more feedback!