We’re on a mission traveling across Canada to highlight the features of our new MARK-3® WATSON Edition fire pump, and have now landed in the fifth stop of our tour in Prince George, BC.

We had an amazing time out here, and we were pleased to have the FireHawk Unit crew attend our presentation and provide feedback on our latest enhancements.

FireHawk Unit Crew’s first impressions

20 FireHawk Unit Crew staff members were in attendance. Everyone was extremely engaged throughout the presentation. The team and staff loved the pump’s sleek design, and were pleasantly surprised to see how performant it was compared to the previous model, despite its more compact size. “I can’t believe this pump is as powerful as the MARK-3®. Not only is it smaller, but it looks awesome!”

After testing and carrying the pump, the crew was delighted to see how light and comfortable it was to carry. “When dealing with large-scale wildfires, it’s crucial to be able to carry and maneuver equipment effortlessly to tame the fire as quickly as possible. Having a lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-start pump makes the process so much easier.”

The Unit Crew was eager to know when the pump will be ready for production and distribution. Just like the firefighters and teams from our previous stops, they are excited to put the WATSON in action! But first, we need to gather more feedback from more teams across Canada.

Next stop, we’re heading up north to the Yukon, in Whitehorse!