Our team has now reached day four of the demo tour and hopped over to Kamloops, BC, to gather more feedback regarding the new MARK-3® WATSON Edition fire pump because we want participants to take an active role in helping us craft the best possible product for wildland firefighters.

Comments and first impressions

Overall, the new pump’s weight reduction is the most notable improvement and positive feedback we’ve received thus far. The current MARK-3® carries a heavier load, making it more challenging for firefighters to maneuver and carry around in the field.

Forest firefighter Heather Murray, who was the only female attendant at the event, was thoroughly impressed with the pump’s performance and reduced weight: “As soon as I picked it up, I could not believe how lightweight, comfortable it was compared to previous MARK-3 pumps.”

Overall, the consensus from the Kamloops IA Crew is that the WATSON pump encompasses everything a firefighter requires to perform his duty efficiently: it’s light, safe and reliable.

Our new generation of firefighters love innovation. If there are safer and better alternatives like the WATSON pump, the IA Crew would like for them to be dispatched and implemented as soon as possible. According to them, the pumps should be distributed faster, given how much lighter and safer they are for their wildland firefighters.

It’s time to continue our journey in BC and head over to meet the team in Prince George.

See you there!