We’ve now hit the third stop of our nationwide demo tour in Chilliwack, BC, to reveal the launch of our new MARK-3® WATSON Edition portable fire pump.

We couldn’t be more excited! The WATERAX team received very positive feedback from the Chilliwack mechanics and staff, who were excited to learn more about the pump’s added features and enhancements.

Although it has yet to be field-tested, the Chilliwack team of forest firefighters is eager to see how it operates and performs by testing over 100 units in the field.

Participants’ comments and feedback

The BC Wildfire Service team was delighted to be involved in the pre-launch phase, a critical step in a product’s development.

“We really appreciated being involved early in the process. We understand that change and innovation is important if we want to do our job more efficiently.”

Participants were thoroughly impressed with the pump’s new functionalities and long-term benefits, and understand how it will positively affect their performance and day-to-day operations.

In the future, they would love to have wildland firefighters try the new pump. In response to megafires, the WATERAX team will work on adjusting their inventory to account for the increased demand.

Follow our squad’s story to our next stop: Kamloops, BC!