We’ve now passed the halfway mark in our Canada-wide tour of the new MARK-3® WATSON Edition fire pump, and our stop in the Northwest Territories couldn’t have been more exciting!

Our presentation welcomed guests ranging from directors to equipment managers.  Unfortunately, no operational crews were present due to the deployment of fires north of Yellowknife.

First impressions and comments

The NWT team loved the added features of the MARK-3®, and appreciated the continued effort from WATERAX to release the best possible pump to help wildland firefighters move water.

Overall, they were thoroughly impressed with the pump’s:

1- Increased performance

The MARK-3® WATSON Edition exceeded expectations at the demo site, pushing out over 130 PSI with a 1/2" tip nozzle. A member of forest management services stated: “It’s hard to believe a small pump like this can possess more power than the MARK-3®.”

In addition, everyone was surprised at how quickly the pump’s overspeed kicked in when the suction was pulled out of the water.

2- Reduced size and weight

The team was amazed with the pump’s power-to-weight ratio, and how much lighter it was compared to the previous model. “The WATERAX engineering team did a great job at making it more compact; The pump is even smaller than we had anticipated.”

3- Extended durability

Longevity is key when dealing with large-scale wildfires. An under-performing pump could jeopardize an entire operation and the safety of firefighters. Fortunately, the crew had no reservations with regards to the durability of the composite, corrosion-free materials used on the MARK-3® WATSON pump.

4- Ease of maneuvering

The team loved how comfortable carrying the 42-pound frame was thanks to its integrated carriage system. “It's so light compared to the MARK-3®, and we love the option to backpack the engine side up or down.”

In addition, they found it easy to load and unload, throttle up andturn off the engine.

5- Modern design

Last but not least, the team highlighted the pump’s innovative look: “We love the pump’s ergonomic design: it looks awesome and slick.”

The NWT team is looking forward to field testing andvisiting WATERAX for additional factory training.

Next up: we’re headed to Edmonton, AB!