Our elite squad has reached The Pas, Manitoba!

We’ve already traveled across eleven locations and eight provinces and territories throughout Canada to showcase and gain feedback on the new MARK-3® WATSON edition pump.  Our goal is to render the WATSON an indispensable tool for wildland firefighters around the world.

The presentation took place at the Manitoba Wildfire Program headquarters. During this tour, we were able to showcase the pump’s performance under different scenarios.

Testing results

First, we compared the MARK-3® WATSON edition pump’s pressure to Manitoba standards: 235 PSI. The engine’s performance was outstanding, exceeding expectations at 265 PSI.

A drop in pressure can occur when using a longer hose. We tested the pump with a 1500-ft hose lay and were able to note only a slight decline in pressure. The pump started at 245 PSI and dropped to just 210 upon reaching the nozzle.

Lastly, we tested the pump in swampy waters to see if it would sink in the mud while running. Manitoba fire crews deal with a lot of swampy sites, so testing the WATSON in this type of environment was extremely useful. The new carriage frame stayed well above water, acting like a snowshoe.

With a new frame design and angled engine mounting - including advanced vibration dampening and dispersion - the MARK-3® WATSON pump surpassed expectations.

Comments and feedback

The general consensus was very positive. The reduced size, weight and added comfort of the MARK-3® WATSON pump were the three features that stood out the most.

Size and weight

Pilots and firefighters are generally limited to what they can carry on planes and helicopters (due to the lack of space and weight restrictions), so having a pump that addressed those issues was a big step in the right direction. ''The fact that it's lighter than the MARK-3® makes our job so much easier'' said another wildland firefighter.


When carrying any type of equipment, comfort and ease of transportation is essential when working in the field. Firefighters loved the ergonomic design of the MARK-3® WATSON edition pump, including its easy-to-carry front and back handles and one-piece composite base frame. “The frame really hugs your back. It feels like carrying a backpack: I could walk with this on all day” said a wildland firefighter.

The only drawback they noticed was that the handle was slightly snug to comfortably slide in your hand.

Stay tuned for our next stops in the Maritimes!