We’ve reached one of the most beautiful locations in Canada - Banff, Alberta, to show another group of firefighters our new MARK-3® WATSON edition pump.

Our demo took place at Parks Canada, where Assistant Cache Managers, Fire & Vegetation Specialists, Initial Attack crew members, and Fire Management Officers were present.

Comments and feedback

During the unveiling of the new pump, the participants only had positive comments: “What’s there not to like? The pump fits all the criteria in terms of design and performance.’’

Helicopters undergo significant weight restraints during hot and humid days at high altitudes, so having lightweight equipment is extremely important for the Initial Attack crew. As soon as they picked up the pump they remarked: ''Wow, that’s light, it doesn’t even seem real’’ said someone from the Parks Canada Crew.

Depending on the severity and parameter of the fire, sometimes carrying the pump for long distances is necessary. The integrated carriage system, the front and back handles, as well as the removable straps were greatly appreciated. “The carry handles are great and the frame feels really comfortable on your back!

The Banff crew suggested adding a waist belt to facilitate long-distance travelling. They also recommended using a drybag and weather-proof material (such as nylon or vinyl) to increase durability.

During field-testing, the team was impressed with how easy it was to rev up the engine. “The new WATERAX 140cc engine has less compression than its predecessor. It’s so easy to start, you don’t even need to use the foothold anymore’’ Plus, with the addition of the heat shield, “it won’t burn off your coat,” one firefighter joked.

After yet another successful stop, we’re on the road again headed to Prince Albert, SK, to garner more feedback on our soon-to-be launched MARK-3® WATSON edition pump.

Stay tuned!