WATERAX launched its WATSON tour at the Maniwaki operation centre where 20 members of SOPFEU, from their bases across Quebec, received our team.

SOPFEU was the first group to take part in our nationwide demonstration tour and feedback was positive and constructive.

The demonstration took place at Blue Sea Lake in Messine, involving base camp directors, directors of land operations, warehouse managers, mechanics and forest firefighters. Throughout the presentation, WATERAX compared the characteristics of the MARK-3® WATSON Edition pump with the MARK-3®.

Based on the reactions and feedback received following the presentation, participants felt that their input had really been taken into account.

“This new product responds to current realities and feels like it will respond well to the needs that our staff have expressed—it’s lighter, easier to start and performance hasn’t been compromised.”

“You’ve really made me happy.”

“Lighter weight is really important. There are a lot of situations where the weight of the current MARK-3® can be a challenge. It’s one thing to simply lift it but sometimes you are standing out there with one foot on a beaver damn, while the helicopter rotors overhead are blasting you with air, as you struggle to keep your balance while passing the MARK-3® pump to your buddy!”

Overall, everyone was pleasantly surprised by this powerful new pump, described by one operator as a “MARK-26 with the performance of the MARK-3.”

The WATERAX team is back on the road. Next stop: Thunder Bay, Ontario!