It’s great to be in Prince Edward Island, meeting up with the Department of Communities, Land and Environment; Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division with the PEI Wildfire Protection team, at PEI Analytical Laboratories.

Salt water trial

The demo site was in Beach Grove, which provided the unique opportunity to run the MARK-3® WATSON Edition in salt water—for the very first time during our tour! In this setting, we discussed the benefits of WATSON’s engineered composite-material components. There won’t be any galvanic corrosion on the impellers since they are made from composite materials so mechanics later on will be able to service the pump end without having to use excessive force to remove them.

Throughout the demonstration, reactions to the MARK-3® WATSON Edition pump were positive. Participants found the pump, “much lighter!” And, about the new backpack carriage system said, “Oh, wow! That’s light!”

Ease of start

During the hands-on demonstration, participants were impressed with the pump’s ease of start. Everyone had a chance to pull start the MARK-3® WATSON. Interesting perspective: A woman participating in the demo told us that she “couldn't pull the cord on the previous one.”

Thanks to all 12 participants who took part in this great demonstration.

We’re back on the road, heading eastwards!